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STP Update

In autumn 2006 version 5.10x was released. Customers where asked to pay a upgrade fee. All customers which have initially bought a 5.0x release got a free upgrade to 5.10. If you haven't upgraded to 5.10x please contact your nearest STP dealer. You can identify your eligibility for the free upgrade if your 5.0x CD has a serial number on it. If it is marked with "UPGRADE" you came from an much earlier version, so you have to pay for the 5.10 upgrade.

After release of 5.10 some more updates where done. All STP 5.10 users may upgrade to 5.11 fro free. Just contact Mr. Sperrer at for the download password. You get to the download page using the form underneath.

Only the STP binaries have a PW protection all other files have free access.

New features in STP V5.11:

  • CAN Key driver update
  • STP-driver-update
  • Vista enabled HELP system
  • Vista usable CAN Key driver
  • New online help: The extensions of STP V5.1 have been incorporated into the online help; under Windows XP and Vista now the "Compiled Help" (.chm) format is used.
  • The revised manual can be downloaded as PDF file from the STP website.
  • New element symbol directory "FLD_QUAD" available using square elements (30x30 pixels) (courtesy by MBC Pfaffenwinkel)
  • Changes of the Zoom factor will be preserved and
    used at next STP start
  • In the grid line settings of the "General Parameters" now also "offline" can be selected, which means that the grid lines will not be shown in Online mode
  • Various bug fixes and improvements in detail

New features in 5.12

  • CAN key driver update
  • turnouts and signals loking
  • ZOOM function enhanced

Doku Update für 5.12


Please fill in the following form to get access to the download area.:

serial number STP A.d.a.p.t



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