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STP V. 5.xx




STP Computer Switchboard

The demo version allows viewing existing switch boards. It should be used to get a knowledge of the look and feel. It is not intended to run a layout. For detailed information please consult one of our sales partners.

Enhancements for WP7/64

STP 5.1x works without any problems with Windows 7. Some changes are required to handle the 64 bit version. The STP old installer will not work unter 64 bit and the CAN Key driver alsorequires an update. The planned 5.20 release which is sheduled for early 2013 will include all the changes on CD.


Unpack CANKey driver ( into an arbitrary directory. Plug in CANKey and install according to the manual. When asked for the driver files, do not insert a CD but open the directory into which the driver files have been unpacked before.

Unpack the file into your STP installation directory (default C:\STP).

CAN Key Docu


The comfortable way to maintain and program loco decoders.

The demo version allows all operations of the program. The database is restricted with 3 records. It is possible to open the demo SW via a registration key.

A.d.a.p.t. Version 2.3 (4,2MB)
A.d.a.p.t. Version 2.3 (4,2MB)

New version 3.x
A.d.a.p.t Version 3.05

A.d.a.p.t Version 3.06 201001223 fix: CV pogramming in the cab window went sometimes to wrong address
english flyer

A.d.a.p.t version 3.13 (english)
A.d.a.p.t version 3.13 (french)

A.d.a.p.t version 3.2 (english)
A.d.a.p.t version 3.2 (french)

A.d.a.p.t. 3.40 (english)

A.d.a.p.t. 3.60 (english)

A.d.a.p.t version 3.60 (french)

A.d.a.p.t 4.0 (english)
A.d.a.p.t 4.0 (french)

A.d.a.p.t 4.1 (english) ZIP - EXE - PDF
A.d.a.p.t 4.1 (french) ZIP - EXE - PDF


Decoder description files

Description files which are not included in the distribution package of Adapt are offered here to enhance the functionality. Just copy the *.DEC file to your machine. Import it into Adapt via the "file" menu.



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