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  •  20 new decoder models (incl. current Zimo and ESU decoders)
  • Extended CV programming window (three function and six sound tabs)
  • Support for Zimo MXULF and Lenz Decoder Programmer
  • Support for decoder with "indexed" CV addresing (e.g. ESU LokSound V4)
  • Additional info fields in main window

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version 3.10

version 3.13 (english)
version 3.13 (french)

Important note:

When installing ADaPT Rel. 3.10 over an existing Rel. 3.0 version, proceed as follows:

  1. Save the files PFUSCH.INI and the engine database (normally "\db\Pfuschv3.mdb") within the ADaPT installation directory (to an arbitrary directory)
  2. Uninstall the old ADaPT version (Windows Control Panel / Software)
  3.  Install the new ADaPT version into the same directory as the previous version
  4.  Copy the files saved in step 1 to their original location.


Alternatively you can install ADaPT Rel. 3.10 into a different directory, copy the loco database (see step 1 above) from the old to the new version and re-enter the the options within ADaPT (Parameters / Options).




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