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STP Version 5.42

The new STP release STP V5.42 which was introduced during the Nuremberg Toy Fair 2019 is now available, all open orders have been delivered. The new release is already in use on several test layouts (including MX10 and StEin modules) with very positive feedback.  

New features of STP V5.42 are:

  • Inclusion of the new Zimo StEin module for track section, turnout and signal control incl. usage of the contact inputs
  • Macros simplify usage of repeatedly used elements in train routes
  • Increased safety for train number displays (consistency checks)
  • New route commands
  • Lock of dispatcher panel against unwanted changes
  • multiple additional extensions and bug fixes

Customers who already have upgraded to STP V5.40 will get the update for free. Please contact your dealer

STP Version 5.40

With this version STP fully supports the MX10 as well as the new StEin multi-function module (for track sections, turnouts and signals)

MX10 firmware 01.22.0150 or newer required, there are still some minor issues with turnouts controlled by MX8 modules - these will be solved in the upcoming MX10 firmware release

The Roco track occupancy detector 10808 is also supported  (can only be used via direct connection to MX10, not via CANKey)

Additional user defined colours, train info window, simolified display of possible routes and much more

 For owners of STP V5.30 there is a greatly reduced update offer available

Flyer 5.40

STP Version 5.23


The highlight for this year is the new STP release STP V5.3. The main features are the support for the swiss dispatcher panel "Iltis" and the connection to the Zimo MX10 base unit via Ethernet (control via USB has already been possible before).


The most important new functions in overview are:

·         EStW display for ÖBB (EBO), DB and SBB (Iltis)

·         Iltis display elements and demo board are included

·         Different train number display colors depending on engine group (e.g. passenger trains in blue, freight trains in red)

·         Search for train id ("where is my locomotive?")

·         Display of all possible routes which are defined for a given start button

·         Switch position indication can optionally be turned off for all switches which are not used in active routes

·         Display elements for variables (similar to train display elements) with possibility to change the value

·         Triggering of automatic functions by variables

·         Detour routes with three buttons e.g. for the definition of drive-through routes (start - via - target)

·         Turning and mirroring of switchboard sections

·         Check for duplicate address use for section and accessory modules

·         Ethernet network support for MX10 and connection between multiple STP PCs


STP Version 5.20

The new STP release V5.2 has been presented at Nuremberg Toy Fair 2013. It contains the following en­hance­ments and improvements:

Dispatcher Panel Display

·        "Spy glass" to show a specific part of the layout in a separate window

·        Restore last STP window content (scroll position) after restart

Route / Lines / Automatic Functions / Schedule

·        Counter variables in routes to allow conditional activation (i.e. run a circle three times, then leave)

·        Commands can be executed when a route is cleared

·        Handover of trains beween layouts controlled by multiple MX1's

·        Change train name and engine group by route command

·        Clearing of memory routes by route command

Layout Operation

·        Open engine throttle for a train in a track section from within STP

·        Sound output on multiple speakers (individually addressable)

·        Show communication status with Zimo modules

·        Show "external" routes (from networked PCs) in different color

Supported "Hardware"

·        Turntable module TT-DEC (Littfinski Datentechnik)

·        Zimo MX10

·        When using the Zimo MX10 no separate CAN bus interface (CANKey) is required – licensing is done using MX10 serial number

 General Improvements

·        Support for 64-bit Windows versions (XP / Vista / Win 7)

·        Extended program limits (panel size, number of routes etc.)

·        Interface for third-party software for propagation of train positions


The update is now available at your STP dealer!


During 2006 a new enhanced version of STP should be released. Some of this enhancements may be:

  • Schedule Mode
    for train crossings, scheduled operation and maximum delays
  • Switchboard even bigger
    >500 turnouts, >500 semaphores, >4800 track elements
  • all 5 HLU speed limits should be supported
    currently STP supports only the 2 Speeds "L" und "U", the other speeds available on ZIMO decoders should be supported as well.

Version 5.12

Version 5.12 is available to all rtegistered STP 5.10 and STP 5.11 users. Please register at Updatepage and request additionally the access information at You'll receive the current access infro that way.





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