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STP CANKey - die optimale Verbindung


CAN Bus Interface

The adapter was developed to connect a ZIMO layout to the PC. It is a affordable and flexible solution to connect the DCC system with STP. You may use a COM port like COM1:-COM4 or the preferred solution you may use USB to hook up the adapter.

Features of STP CAN Key:

  • Connection via USB or COM port
  • power supply via PC no external power plug
  • high speed USB connection, cables included
  • package pricing if it is ordered with STP
  • driver software for Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000 und XP, Vista planned Spring 2007
  • replaces STP dongle)

CAN Key ships with a CAN bus test utility CANfigurator. There is also a detailed manual available.

CANfigurator features:

  • automatic adapter detection
  • tracing CAN bus traffic
  • generate CAN Bus packets
  • configuration of basic STP parameters
  • handles also Peak-adapters



The manual describes installation and configuration of the adapter. It shows also the configuration of STP.

The manual for CAN Key is available as PDF download

technical data:

  • PC interface USB 1.1 or RS232
  • CAN Bus connector in ZIMO layout RJ12
  • average power consumption 90mA
  • Size: 85 x 50 x 20mm
  • USB cable 1m
  • power cable for RS232 mode 10cm

CAN Key Driver for Windows 10 and 64 but OS'es



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