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Reliable connection between CSA32 and PLV's

Important Note for STP V5.12 (Update, Demo and Full Release):

On some of the STP V5.12 CD which have been delivered since beginning of this year (recognizable by the "(C) 1999-2008" printed on the CD) due to a bug in the setup software the installation of STP is not possible. During setup an error message "Portdrv.dll cannot be loaded" (or similar) will appear and the installation process aborts.

In this case please send your CD together with you name and address to the manufacturer (address see impressum) and a replacement CD with corrected setup will be shipped to you immediately. The corrected CDs are recognizable by the additional labeling "" at the CD surface.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this problem.

The version 5.1x to V5.12 download upgrade from this WEB is not affected by this problem



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