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Occupation Detection using a |:| Marklin Track

Electrical 101 on |:| Track

the Marklin track uses 3 electrical connections. The 2 tracks itself and a third one in the middle. This gets a symmetrical track which avoids shortcuts on loops. The 2 tracks are usually connected. Also all locos and cars have electrically connecting axles. This is the reason that all axles need to be changed when a marklin car should be operated on DC track.

STP monitors all sections on occupation, this is done via the MX9 section modules. To detect all cars it is necessary to have some little load on the track. In DC world this is done via resistors on axles. The |:| track offers a simpler solution.

Occupation Detection

Just separate the two track sides. One side is left to the track power supply. The other side is insulated the same way as the middle one. Then connect a resistor of about 5kohms between the middle one and that rail. If a car is on the track left, for example a lost one, the axle will connect the 2 tracks. so a small current runs from the middle over the resistor to the insulated track, further on via the axle to the other track. The MX9 is able to sense a small current and the occupation is securely detected.



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