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Station entry via keys

Alternative method to enter a station

The classic way is to write a automatic on the route between 2 stations. The idea here is to test the crossing of 2 borders. If this event happens the automatic stats and tests possible station entries.

C: automatic station entry from the route into a station
A:8/12: 11/14, 11/15
A:12/8: 12/16
, 12/17
A:24/25: 18/14
, 18/15
A:25/24: 19/16
, 19/17

Alternatively it is possible to have a key at the station entry which has a auto function on it. TSo only when the key is enabled the entry is possible,

C: auto function for entering the station
A:26/27: T18, S27, 18/14, 18/15

In this case the train may only enter if the key 18 is enabled. The idea behind this leads to a much more reliable layout. If you manually drive around with a activated <MAN> key normally the auto entry may be triggered. If the T18 is not enabled, because no train left the previous station, the auto function can not be accidentally triggered. The same happens if you had a derailing, nothing is accidentally started.

if Key T18 is enabled the function tries to activate the routes 18/14 or 18/15

Enabling the key may be done leaving the station

C: station exit lower left side
S:16/19: B4, F4, R1, -
         W4/1, S5/1, M4/1, A4/1, M3/1, A3/1, M20/1, A20/1, M19/1, A19/2, -
         M21/1, A21/0, I16/0, I18/1

The very last operation "I18/1" enables the auto function on key T18.

The code fragments are based on the oval sample.



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